Excellent food at a reasonable price

We love the Turkey sandwich but everything on the menu is awesome! Regardless of what is ordered, there seems to be PLENTY to eat. We often leave with left overs. The portions of meat on a sandwich is more than most. It is one of the best smoked/BBQ choices we have ever experienced. They are also great for catering larger private venues....graduations parties, going away parties, etc.

Best BBQ in Durango

I lived in Durango many years. Serious Texas BBQ was a regular restaurant for our family. I visit Durango several times a a year to see my kids and grandkids. Always make at least one stop at Serious Texas. Highly recommended.

Too much to eat

Lots of food at good prices. Great place to take a grandson for lunch or dinner. food is consistently good and you have a choice of sauces at the table, plus can buy some to take home.


Always a great spot to eat or take home dinner. Never a long wait when it comes to getting our food.

Better Than Ever!!!!

ALL I can say is 16 years ago this was the best Bbq I had ever had and 2 days ago was here in Durango and it was Better Than Ever (DELICIOUS WOO WEE)

Fast BBQ

Fast food BBQ, great value and generous portions! I love to get the sandwich with 2 meats and bathe it in their BBQ sauce!


I have been eating here since this place opened about 15 years ago. The food is consistently good and the portions are a great value. There aren't many places in Durango where you can buy a filling sandwich for $7.00. Im not an expert on Texas-style food but I can say that I have never once been unsatisfied.

Really great BBQ and plenty of it

Really loved Serious Texas BAR-B-Q ! Loved the chopped beef sandwich and there was enough beef on that sandwich for at least 2-3 sandwiches!

Great meats

We ate here twice while we were in Durango. The meats are great and they have some good side items. There are no French fries. If we had one near us, we would be regular patrons.

As a displaced Texas girl, this was the best find ever!

I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this place. Amazing food...seriously, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I asked for the brisket marbled and chopped, and they gave me exactly what I had in mind. Cannot wait for my next visit to Durango to eat here again!