ALL of our smoked meats, bar-b-q sauces & salsas are gluten-free


Served with good ol’ sliced white bread upon request
Beef Brisket 1/4lb $4.50    1/2lb $9.00    Full lb $18.00
Pulled Pork 1/4lb $4.00    1/2lb $8.00    Full lb $16.00
Elgin, Texas Sausage 1/4lb $4.00    1/2lb $8.00    Full lb $16.00
Turkey Breast 1/4lb $4.00    1/2lb $8.00    Full lb $16.00

Pork Ribs
Per bone $2.00
Half rack $11.00
Whole rack $20.00

The Sampler $22.00
Includes 1/4lb brisket, 1/4lb pulled pork, 1/4lb turkey, 2 links of sausage and 3 ribs
*Feeds 2-3 people*

Pickles / onions / jalapenos / chipotle mayo / cherry-chilpotle salsa / orange – jalapeno mustard
cranberry-habanero salsa / pepper sauce


Beef Brisket $8.00
with pickles, onions & bar-b-q sauce

Pulled Pork (local favorite!) $7.00
with cherry-chipotle salsa & bar-b-q sauce

Elgin, Texas Sausage (spicy) $7.00
with pickles, onions, chipotle mayo & bar-b-q sauce

Turkey (spicy) $7.00
with cheese, cranberry-habanero salsa, chipotle mayo and bar-b-q sauce

Texas Taco (local favorite!) $6.00
chopped bar-b-q, cheezy potatoes, onions & jalapenos on a soft flour tortilla
substitute an other meat for $1 extra

Sausage Wrap $3.00
one link of sausage, cheese, and orange-jalapeno mustard wrapped in a flour tortilla

Nacho's $8.00 
Tortilla chips loaded with pulled pork pinto beans and queso and topped with jalapenos & sour cream

Tater $8.00 
Baked potato stuffed with pulled pork, smothered in queso and topped with sour cream & green onion

Mini Taco's 
Choice of meat $3.00 ea., Choice of sides $1.50 ea.


Small (6oz) $2.50 Large (pint) $6.00
Cheezy Potatoes / Potato Salad / Chipotle Coleslaw / Pinto Beans
Salad - $4.00 / Bag of chips $1.50


Fountain Drinks (assorted flavors)
Sweet Tea / Unsweet Tea
Zuberfizz (creamy root beer / vanilla cream) $2.75
Gallon of Tea (sweet / unsweet)
Ice Cold Beer $3.00
Big Blue Margarita $5.00


Serving $3.50

Homemade Pie (pecan / lemon buttermilk) / Whole $20.00
Cobbler - Ask for the flavors of the day! / Whole $30.00
Ice cream (upon request)

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